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For the experienced grower and the professional commercial farmer

The hardware is just as important as the growing method. We can neither achieve maximum yields with incorrect technique nor can we expect consistent perfect results from antiquated grow lights. What we need, is a powerful full-spectrum LED grow light that is not only durable and long-lasting, but is also capable of effectively growing all strains well.


The Gamma Blaster is a 1000 watt (true 650 watts +/- 15) LED grow light with a high PAR output and optimal coverage. The Gamma Blaster has an average output over its coverage area, which enables consistency as the plants are able to grow at the same speeds. The controls for each output mode is capable of being dimmed - allowing total control of the spectrum anywhere from 390 to 730 NM.  The upcoming Wi-Fi feature can greatly benefit the experienced and professional grower by allowing a simple application to control upwards of 500 units simultaneously and individually.

High PAR Output

High concentrated broadcast from using individual Japanese PMMA secondary focused lens.

Separate Channel Control

Three modes: VEG, WHITE and BLOOM. Each mode is user-adjustable and can be dimmed by the mode's respective knob. 

Get any Spectrum for any Plants

6 modes of output as well as a powerful all-on feature allows users to configure the best spectrum for their plants.

Spectrum / PAr / coverage test videos


The Gamma Blaster provides an efficient full spectrum curve that includes UV (390 nm), IR (730 nm), and high bloom and veg.

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PAR (PPFD) / Coverage

Optimal coverage inside a 4'x4' tent from a height of 24-36 in. Powerful PAR output even at the edges of the grow tent. 

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For both new and experienced growers

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